Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Songs to put you in the mood...

While searching for some writing life inspiration, I found this list over at The Writer. You can check out these services and find just about any kind of music you might need to put you in the mood to write, or whatever. 


Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Writing and an Experiment with a Mac Circa 1986

This guy with way too much time on his hands, IMHO, decided to figure out what would happen if he hooked up his 1986 Macintosh to the Internet. 

The reason this caught my eye was it sounds ridiculous, but I was curious. As I read the article, this part hit home:

"In other words, Keacher put a ridiculous amount of work into completing a project of questionable utility to achieve a result that delivered an extremely frustrating and subpar user experience. And Keacher is proud to have done it anyway."

Sounds like almost any new or creative endeavor. Although, parts, of these endeavors actually create a worthwhile user experience. Either for the person working on the project, or the end user. I don't think this experiment, or writing a book, is of questionable utility necessarily. So, Mr. Keacher experimented with a really old computer, and I continue to write. We both gain something from the experience, and hopefully, our audience/readers will too. 

Find out a bit about what happened here
See you online again soon!

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