Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Back to Reality

I thoroughly enjoyed my Mother’s Day spa package - absolutely R-E-J-U-V-E-N-A-T-I-N-G. A full day of soothing, relaxing, massaging and polishing with no responsibilities except to make sure I didn’t flash anyone as I moved from the facial area to the massage area.

I had several hours of serenity. The only problem - transitioning back to reality. My husband worked hard and kept everything in order while I was gone, the kids were happy and fed, that alone is worth a medal. He also had the kitchen cleared and laundry going. Man, I’m a lucky woman.

Since we had company coming the same night, we worked side-by-side to get everything finished. It was a bit harried, but I didn’t complain because I had a new attitude. Being pampered is a powerful thing.

All that evening, I felt the effects of total relaxation and hydration. But even Cinderella only had until midnight to enjoy the ball.

By morning, the diapers, the dishes, the cleaning, and the work all hit. It took only one day for me to chip my nail polish and realize hoisting kids around meant my shoulders and back would soon tense up again. But, armed with my new attitude, I feel good. I'm still rockin’ most of My Address is Hollywood polish and feel relatively smooth and calm.

Maybe in a week the calm will be replaced by stress, but I'll just make an appointment and go back, in my spare time. (I'll find time.) What do you need to find time for in your life? Make a list and get going. Then schedule a massage, you won't regret it! 

My Address is Hollywood by OPI

Monday, May 21, 2012

Manic Monday

It's been a busy time and this is kind of a big week for our family. But, don't worry updates and entries - Sweet and Lovely, Back to Reality and more are coming. 

See you online again soon!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Is your show canceled?

Eager to see how some of our favorite TV shows fared, I found this list of canceled shows on Yahoo! TV. There are nearly twenty on this list alone. 

Not even the big celebs could keep some of these shows on air. Shows starring Kathy Bates, Christian Slater and Ashley Judd are all reported gone. Find out if your faves got the axe. 

Interesting note, while scanning the comments, I noticed a lot of folks wanting more cuts in Reality TV. Until the masses want it bad enough they tune into docus, dramas and comedies, it's not going to happen.   

Other entertainment news this week: 
Castle is reportedly renewed. Yay!
30 Rock is planning a shortened final season soon.
Fan of Cougar Town? I hear it's moving to TBS.

Canceled TV Shows: Networks Clean House

To make room for new fall shows, here are all the TV shows that got the axe this week.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Kid Amusement

Here's something for our friends who are about to give birth, and another couple who recently welcomed their second child. Sometimes it’s fun to be an amusement park ride. 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Days of our Lives…without TV

I’d like to say we decided to switch off the television in an effort to expand our minds or spend more quality time together, but we didn’t. It wasn’t even our choice. Our kid broke the thing and we were left with none. See, we only have one operational television in our house and she was having a moment. The kind that ends with a casual toss of a stuffed bear or toy bag. And the accidental destruction of a costly piece of equipment.

Sure, it’s tough to pay to replace something we already have, well, had. The upside? We spent more quality time together.

An advantage of having it broken, there was no way we could turn on the TV. Temptation removed. We occasionally, out of habit, went to watch or thought about shows we were missing. But, it diminished the more we had it off.

I got so much done the past few days. Here’s a quick list:

·      Fit in an extra workout
·      Finished two books
·      Organized our office, as much as possible
·      Paid bills
·      Played
·      Researched
·      Worked on a few writing projects

You can bet we’ll be catching up on our shows soon, but it’s nice to take a break. Why not see what you can accomplish when you turn off the TV for just one day? Happy TV-free week!

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