About Me

Hi, I’m a writer, wife and mom. I spend most days working to raise a happy family while building a successful career. I love my family, discovering great food, fun experiences, and writing. Finding the right work-life balance is challenging, but I try to maintain a positive outlook and hope that comes through in what I do.

I’ve got Midwestern and Southern roots, and have written stories and cooked with my family for as long as I can remember. I juggled full-time corporate Marketing/Sales jobs and school for many years.

When we moved to our current home a more than a decade ago, I found a job at an event marketing company. I worked on teams dedicated to help major automotive companies brainstorm, plan and execute global events.

I pretty much did everything from fetching water and bagels (ask me how I met Kasey Kahne and Johnny Damon) to writing newsletter copy and balancing the books. It was very cool because we all hustled and pulled off some of the coolest shows ever including Detroit, Chicago, New York, and Geneva Auto Shows, Camp Jeep, SEMA and so much more. I learned to deal with pressure, personalities and deadlines. 

Several years ago, I left a sometimes-glamorous day job, earned my English degree and had a baby. Truly, an amazing and emotional time!

I started a web site and blog to share photos and parent stories with our family and friends. Soon after, I began freelancing and testing recipes for regional and national publications. This blossomed into Life is the Pursuit – inspired by “Life is the pursuit of excellent meals,” coined during our sister’s visit a few years ago.

Now, we’ve got two kids and two careers. Although sometimes harried, we’re still going strong.

Enjoy the journey!

Contact me to discuss writing assignments, parenting essays, cooking, events and more.

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