Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Barnes and Noble Store Closings

Barnes & Noble is not denying they have and will continue to close more brick and mortar stores.  

This brief clip explains their plan is to stem losses, not close-up shop for good, that's the story for now. Indies may not all be cheering, but big e-tailers scooping up more of the e-reader and e-book market are. It's a hot market, and something B & N has hoped will help their overall business, if they can grow it. 

This struggle in the e-market has changed traditional publishing. I've read dozens of industry articles about big publishers who have launched or are buying up e-book and self-publishing platforms. The times, they are a-changing, fast. 

Monday, January 28, 2013

Don't let the spammers get you down

I recently had an uptick in comments, only to find my popularity spike was partly due to spammers. I plan to increase my postings this year. New and regular readers can look forward to more food, fun and Success or Mess experiments. I welcome your comments. Just be aware, I've implemented the "read-and-retype-the-word-in-the-box" as a way to keep spam at bay. 

I liked it better when the only spam we had to avoid was ham in a can. Although, you'd be surprised at what spam can do when you cook it up - maybe a future Success or Mess experiment? :)

SYOAS - See you online again soon!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Oxford comma fun, really

I sometimes write about, well, writing. This is one of those times. It's a link really. Here is an interesting Mental Floss piece about the best arguments, for and against the Oxford Comma. English majors and writers should find this fun. Enjoy!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Two to the 0-1-3

There’s no time to shower, much less contemplate New Year’s Resolutions. But, the kids are both sleeping (yes!) and my husband is using his new video game steering wheel (it’s totally cool), so I have approximately 17 minutes to get this post in before something happens, like the baby wakes up or I pass out from exhaustion. Did I mention the two kids?

The past couple years I did a pretty good job of outlining meaningful and lasting resolutions, like resolving to make more reindeer cupcakes and making Twenty Twelve about more than Poo and Patty-Cake. But, I must confess, most of my 2012 list was untouched. Do you know what it’s like raising two kids under 5 while working on a freelance writing career, trying to fake like everything is handled while my husband launches a new electric vehicle and comes home to be an amazing husband and father in his spare time? Let’s just say we’ve kinda had a lot on going on.

So, this year we’re cutting through all the other stuff and getting to the top things we hope to do this year, in addition to all the things we already do and those other things we’d like to do (see the 2011 and 2012 list).

1.    Play with the kids more
2.    Play with each other more, instead of just keeping it all from falling apart
3.    Turn off all electronic devices, at the same time, an hour or more each night (don’t laugh, it seems like these things are on all the time!)
4.    Make a habit of going places other than Target and the grocery store when cabin fever hits and we all just need to get out
5.    Have one special date night dinner at a restaurant that doesn’t have a kid’s menu
6.    Have a special family dinner out and show all the other folks you can take kids our in public, and if the kids won’t cooperate, hopefully we’re in a loud place so no one will notice
7.    Play in the snow more (see #3)
8.    Play in the sun more (with sunscreen, of course)
9.    Play in the rain more
10. Take a family vacation that isn’t centered around some other event, say a birthday, reunion, wedding or graduation, but is a real family vacation
11. Try not to huff every time any of us spills something, it’s wipe-able, it’ll dry, or there will be a story (like salsa in the new house, this was even before kids)
12. Enjoy the sweet age our babies are before they get too old or too busy for us
13. Hug our children and each other every day and let them know how much we love them
14. Sleep like we used to (at least one night this year)

What’s on your list? 

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