Tuesday, March 12, 2013

It’s Baaack!

We brought the Porsche home from a warm winter slumber. The kids were as excited as we were to get it back. Let me just say, Thomas the Train has got nothing on this car. Our little guy can hardly keep away, “Porsche, Porsche!” he declares as he runs through the house hoping to get a peek in the garage. 

This is not so different from his sister’s reaction when we bought it. The car may be old, but it’s really cool. With all the upgrades my husband made, oil cooling – so it doesn’t overheat going around the block, tires, alignment, lowered a bit, front and rear spoilers, it’s even better than when we got it.

I do, however, admit to loving and loathing it on occasion. It’s a project car, so he spent a lot of time, and money, to upgrade it, and there’s plenty more he could do. Plenty more I’d actually like to see him do, but it takes time. Parents of young kids don’t have a lot of extra time, or cash, but we try to find what we can to get things done.

When he lets (encourages) me to take it for a spin, I sometimes feel guilty. But, it’s really fun to drive and it gets a lot of looks and thumbs up around town. It’s the lowest car I’ve ever been in, and sometimes feels like a Smart car could dwarf it. Really. I’ve pulled up next to trucks and been eye-to-eye with the running boards. There was even a time I imagined myself doing the Clark W. Griswold act from Christmas Vacation. Driving along and all of a sudden I'm driving under a semi, it seems possible sometimes.

While it is fun, it’s hard to steer around a track at high speeds – or anything over 50 mph. Holding the line through the corners is a workout since it has no power steering. Did I say how much I appreciate power steering? A lot. The car also has no heat, or air, and a bunch of other stuff he removed to decrease weight and increase speed. It worked, but some amenities might be nice when touring around town in the summer.

It’s just nice to have it back, and running. Although, it needs a tune up and who knows what else. At least now we can start planning track events and weekend drives, too bad there’s no back seat for the kids. Oh well, here’s to almost spring!

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