Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Notorious Tuesday: Hoffa Hunting

Got up.

Got dressed.

Got the kids ready.

Had breakfast.

Contemplated the day’s activities.

Packed the kids in the van.

Went to find Hoffa.

Sounds like a typical day, except for the last line. Why Hoffa? Well, recent news is abuzz with the latest search for Jimmy Hoffa, the former Teamsters leader who disappeared nearly 40 years ago. I like a good mystery, but seriously, folks? I figured he escaped to a deserted island or met his mob maker long, long ago.

So, when the news teams started focusing on a field in the Southeast Michigan — for the umpteenth search in a couple years within driving distance — I wanted to try and see it. Of course, I did not plan to go into the field and volunteer, and I did not plan on getting close enough for the kids to have nightmares. I just told them we were going to investigate something. It got them in the car, and they only asked for Elmo once. 

The rest of the time we enjoyed the ride, and talked about things we saw.
I was searching for the site only knowing what road, and generally where in Southeast Michigan it’s located. I turned up one side of Buell, thought it was funny we found it north of Gunn Road. It piqued my interest, there was a cement crew “working” at someone’s house. Wasn’t it. I turned around on the dirt road and headed back the other way. When we crossed over the main road and hit dirt again, we saw another concrete crew in the area, seems pretty coincidental, and found our destination…

Only it was blocked. By this guy. 

Not wanting to make a scene with the kids in the car, I decided to peek as much as I could as I turned into a really nice sub before I turned to leave. No grid search. No FBI guys. But, it was a fun excursion and the mystery continues…

Here are a couple pix…maybe they’ll find the answers tomorrow. In any case, tomorrow I’ve got other things to do, like work, and grocery shopping and stuff. 

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