Friday, February 19, 2016

Books to Movies 2016

It's no secret I love books and entertainment. Just read any of my Summer Reads book posts, or search the TV show updates I've posted. Many of them involve me going on about legal shows, dramas and music—I'm a true blue Nashie, among other things.

While I'm busy raising a family with my husband and writing the second Harper & Mackenzie novel, there are times I have to be away from my kids, notes, computer, phone, you get the picture. Sometimes I just need a break. So, when there are books lists, television programming updates or movie trailers to be found, I'm there!

I found this list of 19 books hitting the silver screen this year compiled by BuzzFeed and thought I'd share. If you are bored or just unsure of what to do this weekend, you might check this out and head over to your local library or bookstore. 


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