Friday, September 16, 2016

Writing Tips and Updates

People have been asking me about being a writer and published author. It's a great career, but it comes with a lot of hard work. There are tons of things that go into writing, finishing a manuscript, and publishing, but today I’m going to share a few tips for finding the right writing space.

First: Comfort. You can write from anywhere, literally. I’ve proven it’s possible to write in an office, a restaurant, and almost any kind of vehicle, and manage to be comfortable. See, as a writer, once the ideas start pouring out, I really don’t think about much else. I just want to write. If you’re looking for a place to write or be creative, look for something that’s not sleepy-time comfy, but a place where you can focus on writing. Make sure to give your spot a few tries before you move onto something else. Experts say it can take up to ten tries for a person to get accustomed to something new, and aren’t experts right about everything? 

Second: Lighting. Lighting is very important, especially, if you’re going to write or read what you’ve written. So, make sure you have good lighting or your eyes may fall out. Just kidding about that, but eye health is important and my eye doc says to use a good amount of light when writing and reading.

Third: Bathroom access. This should go without saying, but if you’re planning a long writing session, or are drinking tons of coffee to get that manuscript ready, be prepared for potty breaks. Enough said.

Fourth: Distractions. You may have the best of intentions trying the new techno-dance club/art gallery, but if you are looking for a space to think and write, this may not be for you. Even when the writing is flowing, if there’s a lot going on I’m like a cat with the biggest mother-load of catnip and will lose my mind. The focus needs to be on the writing, so try to limit distractions, mmkay.

Fifth: Supplies. Yes, of course! There is nothing worse than suddenly being struck by an idea, or finding the perfect writing spot only to have nary a writing implement. Make sure you carry pen and paper, or learn to use the note-taking feature on your phone. It may not be perfect, but at least you have something to capture your amazing ideas before you forget them completely, which will happen when you least expect it. Trust me, it’s happened more times than I care to mention.

So, there you have it. Five things to consider when looking for a writing space. Now, it’s back to finishing the next Harper & Mackenzie novel and sending it off to editing. I’m so excited about this book, and would love to share the title with you, but I’m still working on the manuscript, so it could change. I’d be disappointed to get you worked up about one title only to have to change it. Just know, I’ve been reading the reviews, comments, and am working hard to bring you an entertaining follow-up to Red Ochre Falls. I’m enjoying where the characters are going, and look forward to sharing it with you and the world. I hope you’ll stay tuned.


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