Wednesday, October 2, 2013

How the Government Shutdown Could Affect Your Family...and Why it May Take Superheroes to Fix It

Back in March I posted information about sequestration here. Since the government shutdown this week, it seemed important to talk about how this may affect your family, government job or not. Babble outlines some details here.  

Yesterday, reports stated visitors to Yellowstone National Park were given 48-hours notice to find alternate lodging. CNN explains National Parks and landmark sites, like the Statue of Liberty and the Smithsonian, will close.

After discussing it with my mom for an hour, I felt it necessary to say what many in the country feel. It's a mess and all parties should be blamed. Many have taken to Twitter for a little snark (#govtshutdownpickuplines) and comic relief. But, now is not the time for blame, it's time to get this mess cleaned up. I could write volumes on how I feel about the way this went down, but now it's time to figure out what happens next. 

CNN explains how it got to this and a bit about what could happen here. CS Monitor gives some details with video highlights here. I encourage you to read and figure out what it may mean for you and your family. It would be good if we all learned more about this. Maybe we can put the answer together, like pieces of a puzzle (Marvel, anyone?) 

Maybe it won't take a bunch of genius superhumans to fix this, or maybe it will since neither side wants to flinch. Our elected officials need to remember they are there to serve the best interests of the entire U.S. population, not just their respective political party. It's time to roll up your sleeves and get it done. For the sake of our nation, please, get it done!

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