Sunday, March 20, 2016

Self-Published Surprises: 'The Martian'

When I come across interesting information, I like to share it to encourage interest in books, but also to put a human face to writers and publishers. This is a quick NPR interview about Andy Weir's self-published book "The Martian"and its evolution. 

Weir's candid response about his chances at mainstream success is great, "I thought it was just - oh, you know, it's just a book, you know, by a dork for dorks." I laughed because it's funny to think this self-published "book by a dork" earned Weir a deal with Random House and went on to become an award winning movie. While this doesn't happen to every writer, if you love the story and stick with it, it just might. 

NPR Books: 'The Martian'

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